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The Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) is a nutrition school for those seeking a foundational and holistic approach for assessing nutritional deficiencies in the body. The curriculum is evidence-based and backed by science, and honors the fact that each person has their own bioindividuality—that is, a unique set of needs based on factors such as genetics, ethnicity, and upbringing. The school has been around since 1997, and started offering courses in 2001.

The NTA believes there is no one perfect diet that works for everyone, and instead focuses on teaching students how to help clients restore balance through foundational principles. Today, the NTA has trained thousands of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners from all 50 states, several Canadian provinces, as well as Australia, Asia, and Europe.

The leading science-based holistic nutrition education program

Nutritional Therapy Association


Rochelle Serna Design Studio is a boutique studio that uses a mix of strategy and intuition to bring your vision to life. Rochelle specializes in tapping into the passion of her clients, and co-creating beautiful, memorable, and effective websites and branding that truly embody the spirit of her clients brands.

Helping your Business Shine Through Beautiful Branding and Web Design

Rochelle Serna Web Design

Purity Coffee is a purpose-driven company founded in 2016 by Andrew Salisbury that's on a mission to improve people's health through one of the world's most highly consumed beverages, coffee. Coffee is a known superfood with countless health benefits but, ironically, most of the coffee that people consume daily is stripped of these benefits.

Purity Coffee’s specialty-grade organic, mold-free, antioxidant-rich coffees have aided individuals with autoimmune disorders and people who lack tolerance for mold, have sensitive digestive systems, and a myriad of other health complications — actively making the world a better place one cup of coffee at a time. We love working with creators who are as passionate as we are about helping others live healthy and fulfilling lives. CLICK HERE to learn more about our affiliate program.

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Specialty-grade organic, mold-free, antioxidant-rich coffees

Purity Coffee

Organifi takes pride in offering the best tasting superfood products on the market at a price that works out to less than $3 a day. Organifi started with a simple idea to make nutrition easy and delicious for everyone. This turned into a mission to unite the world through community, wholeness, and habit transformation.

All of Organifi’s superfood adaptogen blends are 100% certified organic, contain high quality ingredients, and are free of fillers. They also taste really good while providing clinical and effective doses of adaptogens. 

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Support your body, energy, immunity, and stress with Organifi


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