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Learn from successful women who have built profitable and sustainable online businesses and who want to generously share their best-kept secrets so you can do it too.

Dr. Elisa Song is a world-renowned integrative pediatrician and pediatric functional medicine expert. She runs a very successful brick-and-mortar pediatric practice and online integrative pediatric educational site with programs and supplements designed to help kids thrive - body, mind, and spirit.

Dr. Elisa Song

Rock Solid Strategies for Building An Email List That Converts 

Rachel Mansfield is a recipe developer, food stylist, and founder of the wellness blog rachLmansfield. She's also the co-founder of grt sht ventures. Rachel specializes in creating recipes made with simple, real ingredients that are suitable for anyone. 

Rachel Mansfield

Social Media Growth, Brand Partnerships, and Investments

Kelly LeVeque is a certified holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and celebrity health coach based in Los Angeles, California. She is a frequent contributor to dozens of active diet and fitness, fashion, and lifestyle sites. 

Kelly Leveque

Integrity vs Profit: You Don't Have to Compromise

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack is a Toronto-based author, podcast host, certified fertility awareness educator, and certified holistic reproductive health practitioner.

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

How to Create and Host Online Group Programs

Dr. Jolene Brighten, NMD, is one of the leading experts in women’s medicine and is a pioneer in her exploration of the far-reaching impact of oral contraceptives and the little known side effects that impact health in a large way. 

Dr. Jolene Brighten

Non-Negotiables For Building a Team and Business That Work

Morgan Buehler Zanotti is the Co-Founder and President of Primal Kitchen, a food and lifestyle brand available at most grocers. She attended the University of Colorado Boulder - Leeds School of Business in 2002.

Morgan Zanotti

Creating (and Selling!) a Multi-Million Dollar Food Brand

Liz is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author; award-winning podcaster, and creator of the Athletic Mom digital program.

Liz Wolfe

Building Trust While Building A Business

Arsy is the best-selling author of three Paleo cookbooks, a top leader with a direct sales company, certified health coach and founder of Up and Alive.

Arsy Vartanian

Positioning Your Direct Sales Business For Long-Term Revenue

Rachel is a self-made, full time content creator with over 174k followers across Instagram and TikTok. She's driven to inspire anyone and everyone to make their space feel like home with home interior DIYs, renter-friendly projects, and decor that won't break the bank.

Rachel Valente

Building Positive Brand Relationships and Creating Great Video Content

Cynthia Thurlow is a nurse practitioner, popular intermittent fasting and nutrition expert, two-time TEDx speaker, top podcaster, and author of Intermittent Fasting Transformation.

Cynthia Thurlow

Leveraging Business Opportunities to Stand Out and Grow Rapidly

Noelle is the founder of Coconuts & Kettlebells, best-selling author of the book Coconuts and Kettlebells, host of the top-ranked health podcast, Well-Fed Women, and creator of Strong From Home, an online home workout program.

Noelle Tarr

Simple Ways to Grow Your Website Traffic and Email List

Rochelle is a serial entrepreneur and designer with experience running both service and product-based businesses. She currently runs a successful freelance graphic and website design business while homeschooling her two young children.

Rochelle Serna

How to Build Your Own Branding and Website, the Easy Way

Laura Schoenfeld is a Registered Dietitian (RD), women’s health expert, and business coach for integrative and functional dietitians and nutritionists. Her mission is to educate women on how to nourish their bodies, minds, and spirits and help nutrition professionals grow and scale a successful business.

Laura Schoenfeld

Creating an Online Course That Delivers REAL Transformations

Kristen Gonzales Roberts is the Founder and Managing attorney of Trestle Law, APC. Kristen primarily focuses her practice on helping businesses leverage their intangible intellectual property into tangible dollars in the bank through strategic licensing and certification programs. 

Kristen Roberts, Esq.

How To Protect Your Brand and Intellectual Property

Jackie Richards is a social selling leader of a team of 5k + women. She rapidly grew her instagram following to 100,000 followers through her expert reel strategy. She sells five figures of her product a month and shows others how they can do the same with her time-tested social media strategy.

Jackie Richards

The Secret to Selling Authentically on Social Media

Dr. Jess is a former board-certified hospitalist, internal medicine based medical doctor and a certified Gerson Practitioner. She is the creator of the Kill, Bind, Sweat detox program and founder of the WellnessPlus health education app.

Dr. Jess Peatross

Scaling Your Business With Membership Programs

Bjork is the chief tech consultant / business advisor / taste tester at Pinch of Yum. He runs Food Blogger Pro, WP Tasty, and Nutrifox, as well as hosts the Food Blogger Pro podcast. Bjork is also husband to Lindsay, dad to Solvi, and lives in Minnesota with their dog Sage. 

Bjork Ostrom

Growing Your Blog Into A Business

Angie McPherson is a branding photographer, marketing strategist, educator, and hype-woman helping entrepreneurs to elevate their personal brand. Angie has photographed entrepreneurs and influencers throughout the country, providing custom imagery to grow their businesses.

Angie McPherson

Tools and Tips for Branding Your Business

Bethany is the Founder of the renowned lifestyle brand Primally Pure and lives in Southern California with her husband and three children. 

Bethany McDaniel

Starting and Scaling a Product-Based Business From Scratch 

Sylvie is a nutrition and health educator, sharing her latest articles and recipes on her popular blog, She is the author of five books and the creator of Courses for Health Professionals. 

Sylvie McCracken

Outsource NOW (Yes, Now) For a Thriving Business

Fallon is a kitchen creative turned business owner out of Dallas area, TX. She launched Fallon’s Table to help bridge the gap between nutrition, easy kitchen prep, and delicious food! She offers calorie specific meal plans and recipes on her website.

Fallon Lee

Growing Your Social Media with Incredible Content

Kells is a certified personal trainer and has been training women for the past 5 years. She runs an online coaching business as well as meet with in person clients from her home gym.

Kells James

Setting Yourself Apart in the Fitness Industry

Michelle Hoover is the cookbook author and blogger behind Unbound Wellness, a space created to help those with food intolerances enjoy food again! With over 150k+ followers on social media, she loves to foster a close knit and engaged community of likeminded individuals. 

Michelle Hoover

Building a Business That Works for You AND Your Audience

Alaena is a top-selling author, recipe and digital cookbook creator, wellness brand
advocate, and business development coach.

Alaena Haber

Why Trust is the Secret to Making the Sale

Anne Marie works with wellness practitioners to create, launch, and passively sell digital products.

Anne Marie Garland

Passive Income, Online Courses That SELL, and The PRO Method

Cassy Joy Garcia is a New York Times Best-Selling Author of Cook Once Dinner Fix and the wildly popular Cook Once Eat All Week. She's the Editor in Chief of, an online wellness editorial that successfully made the jump from personal blog back in 2011 to now a robust resource that caters to millions of readers.

Cassy Joy Garcia

Brilliant Content Strategies to Build a Devoted Audience 

Dr. Becky is a four-time author and podcaster and runs a successful online health practice and supplement line.

Dr. Becky Campbell

Expanding Your Reach with Books, Courses, and Supplements

Juli is the founder of PaleOMG, author, podcaster, and creator of PaleOMG Power Programs

Juli Bauer

Diversifying Income Streams, Content Planning, and Authenticity

Kristen is the creator of the Total Mind Reset and the Total Gut Reset programs. Her goal is to transform the lives of others through gut healing and creating a resilient mindset.

Kristen Boehmer

Selling with An Unbreakable Mindset 

Melanie Avalon is an author and host of the top iTunes podcasts "The Intermittent Fasting Podcast" and "The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast." Melanie created the top iTunes app "Food Sense Guide," and AvalonX supplement line. 

Melanie Avalon

Strategies for Growing and Monetizing Your Podcast

Margaret Floyd Barry is the owner and Executive Director of Restorative Wellness Solutions, the leading online continuing education provider of functional nutrition certification for health professionals. Margaret also runs Eat Naked Kitchen, and is the author of Eat Naked.

Margaret Floyd Barry

Create and Run Meaningful, Profitable Certification Courses 

TeriLyn is the founder of A Foodie Stays Fit and Best of Winston and has been
blogging since 2014. Prior to running her own businesses full time, she worked as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs and managed national social media campaigns for Wells Fargo.

Terilyn Adams

Do it All and Do it Well: Organizing and Maximizing Multiple Income Streams

Shawna is the creator of A Little Less Toxic and author of A Healthier Home. She is a devoted credentialed teacher now serving and educating her fast-growing online community.

Shawna Holman

Organic Growth and Authenticity

Josie Kestenbaum is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Restorative Wellness Practitioner, and HTMA Professional. In less than a year, she has built a thriving online nutrition business and online community of more than 30k.

Josie Kestenbaum

Growing a Nutritional Therapy or Health Coaching Business Organically

Bonus: Expert Interviews

Amy Northland is a Certified Public Accountant with nearly a decade of experience in public accounting. She is a partner of The Accountants for Creatives® where she and her team help clients and businesses with bookkeeping and taxes. 

Amy Northard

Know Your Worth! Accounting, Bookkeeping and Taxes for Creators

Matt Molen is a consultant, speaker, and course creator. He has taught hundreds of small businesses, content creators, influencers, and bloggers how to completely transform their businesses through email marketing

Matt Molen 

Everything You MUST Know About Building Your Email List

Blake Chamberlain is a brand and web designer that helps entrepreneurs make their goals, aspirations, and passions a reality.

Blake Chamberlain

How Great Branding Breeds Confidence & Growth

Rocky is the owner of NextStep Cloud, which helps small businesses Improve team efficiency and productivity through cloud bases tools.

Rocky Borrego

Keeping Your Business Secure and Your Workflow Solid 

Jordan is the founder of InfluencerSEO, a services business which helps bloggers grow their traffic through search engine optimization. InfluencerSEO currently services over a hundred content creators and works with some of the biggest names in blogging. 

Jordan Bosstick

Secrets of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) That Will Help You Show Up in Google Search

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